Nature's Healers

Flower Essences for Animals

Flower Power

Gentle Support for Healing

Mother Nature offers an amazing array of plants with healing properties. Animals in the wild seek them out to prevent or cure illness, and our pets readily respond to plant-based medicine, including flower essences. (Essences are not the same as essential oils. Some oils are toxic for animals. See note below.)

Although in use for centuries, Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician born in 1886, helped to put flower essences on the map. Over the past few decades, the popularity of flower essences has exploded. You may be familiar with the Bach Rescue Remedy, available in stores everywhere.

Australian Bush Flower EssencesOther popular lines include Australian Bush Flower Essences and FES Flowers in the United States. These are my go-to essences. When indicated during a healing session, I will recommend essences that best support your pet. You can use them for yourself as well, as animals sometimes take on or reflect their person's issues. 

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