Energy Healing for Pets & Animal Friends

Getting Started

Remote Healing Sessions

I provide energy healing for cats, dogs, horses, lizards... any type of animal, bird or reptile. Sessions are conducted remotely, meaning you and your pet are not physically present with me. I'm able to connect through focused intention. Remote or distance healing can be understood scientifically through the lens of quantum physics. You may have to experience it to believe it — I certainly did!

My services include sessions to:

  • Identify the source of a behavioral, emotional or physical issue (you may be surprised what it is)
  • Reduce or eliminate physical pain or discomfort
  • Reduce or eliminate emotional issues, including trauma

I'm here to help.

Explore my site, read the wonderful success stories, and request a session for your pet or animal friend.

"Thank you again for changing Tasha’s life – and mine too!"

Your initial session


Includes detailed client intake and one-hour energy healing session

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